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3 Important Steps That Occur If You Want to Be Cremated

Published: May 6, 2022

What becomes of a person's body after death is their own individual right to decide. Some wish for ground burials, others for green burials, and still others choose cremation. Each of these processes requires extensive preparation of the body and the identity of the deceased before proceeding. Let's take a look at what happens before a body is cremated to help you decide if it's right for you.

Identification of the Body

It is important to let your friends and family know that you wish to be cremated to make this process go more smoothly. Currently, 46% of adults over 40 have communicated how they wish to be remembered after they pass away, according to the Funeral and Memorial Information Council. Cremation companies will request documents to identify the body and then prep the body with an ID tag. Funeral trust plans can be paid for during your lifetime and will contribute to your services when necessary.

Preparation of the Body

Once the body has been identified and tagged, clothing and jewelry are removed unless explicitly informed to stay on by loved ones. Medical devices such as pacemakers, prosthetics, and insulin pumps are removed to avoid chemical reactions within the cremation chamber. These measures ensure that the actual cremation goes smoothly and that as few inorganic compounds enter the process as possible — again, only those desired by the loved ones.

Cremation of the Body

In order to complete the total cremation of the body, cremation chambers must reach extremely high temperatures. Only ashes are left behind after this process. You'll want to ensure that the cremation company you have hired will isolate your loved one's ashes, and learn whether or not this level of care comes with an additional cost.

In the world we live in, death is something we have to prepare for during life. Families do this through life insurance policies, funeral trust funds, advance directives, and wills and testaments. Ensuring your loved ones know your wishes will allow for a less stressful mourning process for everyone who survives you. If you decide cremation is in your best interest, get in touch with us anytime to learn about the available options and how you can pre-plan your services.


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