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How to Choose Between Burial and Cremation

Published: May 9, 2023

While planning your estate, you may find yourself dealing with a confounding question. Would it be better to request a traditional burial in your will or would you rather have your family work with an affordable cremation service? We've highlighted important points of comparison between those two options.

Consider the Cost of Burial and Cremation

According to statistics provided by the National Funeral Directors Association, more than 50% of Americans who will die this year will be cremated. 20 years from now, the NFDA projects that almost 80% of Americans will opt for cremation. Why has cremation become the go-to option for many individuals and families? Cost likely plays a role in that. It's easy to find an affordable cremation service. Preparing a body for cremation typically requires less work, so businesses can offer more affordable rates. There's also no need to purchase a headstone or lease a burial plot if the deceased individual will be cremated, so that helps reduce the grieving family's expenses.

Account for Your Family's Wishes

Ultimately, you're the one who must decide if you want to be buried or cremated. Still, you must acknowledge the fact that your decision will affect your loved ones. That's why you should consider their input before you make a final decision. Your family may want a burial to keep in line with your family's tradition. If you have a spouse, they may wish to be buried with you in a joint plot. Then again, cremation may place a lesser financial burden on your children. Hopefully, talking to your family will give you more clarity regarding this matter.

Think of Where Your Remains Will Be Laid to Rest

The final location of your remains is something you must also consider while choosing between burial and cremation. Some people prefer traditional burials because a person's final resting place can turn into a gathering spot. Every year, your friends and family can gather at your plot and share their memories of you. Cremation could make more sense if you have children that live in different parts of the world. Instead of only one of them holding on to your ashes, each one could have an urn with your remains. No matter where they end up, they can keep your ashes close by.

Choosing between a traditional burial and working with an affordable cremation service requires meaningful thought. There's no right answer here, but there's one that suits your circumstances best. Regardless of which option you choose, Flinch & Bruns Funeral Home, Inc can help with your arrangements. Let us know if you're setting up a burial or cremation for a loved one. We'll be there to help.


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